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We cast our shows in a variety of ways and we are always eager to meet new artists and collaborators!


11th Season (2014/2015) Casting Notices


Ways that we can get to know you:
  • Production auditions are held throughout the season by invitation.
  • You can send us your headshot/resume by mail to:

Forum Theatre
ATTN: Casting
PO Box 13974
Silver Spring, MD 20911

or online via our submission page.

We offer a production stipend for all non-Equity actors. We cast some Equity actors each season under the Special Appearance Contract. We cannot provide local housing.

If you have more specific questions, send them to our Casting Coordinator, Jenna Duncan or via our contact form. No calls please.



Call for Headshot/Resume Submissions for Sarah Ruhl's Passion Play, directed by Michael Dove
Production Dates: 
Rehearsals Begin: February 15, 2015
Tech: March 13-16, 2015
Previews: March 19-22, 2015
Run: March 23-April 12, 2015
Please send your materials to Jenna Duncan, Casting Coordinator, at  
Roles available:
Pontius the Fish-Gutter (plays Pilate)/Footsoldier/P: Male, 25-35.  Outsider, troubled, charming.  Well-liked, but not well-understood.     
John the Fisherman (plays Jesus)/Eric/J: Male, 25-35.  Gentle, devout, struggles to be good.
Mary 1 (plays the Virgin Mary)/Elsa: Female, 25-35. Flirtatious, beautiful, proud, adored by the men in her community.   
Mary 2 (plays Mary Magdalen): Female, 25-35.  Independent, smart, strong.  Less popular than Mary 1.  
Village Idiot/Violet: Female, 16-25. Victim of her community’s prejudice.  Quiet protestor of the bigotry around her.
Queen Elizabeth/Hitler/Reagan: Male, 35-50.  Authoritative, tyrannical, excellent public speaker.   
Visiting Friar/Visiting Englishman/Young Director: Male/Female, 30-45.  Outsider in the community.  A thinker and traveler. 
Director: Male, 40-60.  Likes being in charge, tough.   
Machinist (emperor)/German Officer/Ensemble, Special Effects: Male, 30-50.  Loud, self-impressed, excitable.   
Carpenter 1 (Gabriel)/ Ensemble: Male, 25-50. Introverted member of the local community.  
Carpenter 2 (Joseph)/ Ensemble: Male, 25-50.  Extroverted member of the local community.